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Launching of the Photo Contest "Images of Polish Culture in Argentina "-

Deadline for submissions: April 28th. 2006

Under the auspices of the Polish Embassy in Argentina, the Unión de los Polacos de la República Argentina, the Asociación Cultural Argentino Polaca, Fundacja Argentynska and the companies OLYMPUS; FUJI FILM and STEIN Ferroaleaciones; the Photo Contest "Images of Polish Culture in Argentina" was launched in the frame of the "Polish Cultural Week in Argentina" (which will be held from June 2 to June 8th.)

The aim of this competition is to portrait customs and traditions of the Polish community in Argentina ,  Polish Cultural Centers and institutions as well as the variety of activities that are held in these organizations as, typical dances, fairs, exhibitions, ceremonies, food, and traditions of the Polish families.

A prestigious jury will select 20 (twenty) photographs including the awarded and the mentioned pictures.

  • 1st. Prize: 1 (one) Digital photo camera

  • 2nd. Prize: 15 photo films and a medal

  • 3rd. Prize:  10 photo films and a diploma

Prizes will be handed on June 6th, 2006 at the Blue Hall of the Honorable Senado de la Nacion.

Photo Contest rules and conditions to participate in this competition can be found at the following websites: Asociación Cultural Argentino Polaca (www.acapweb.org.ar); Revista Fotomundo (www.fotomundo.com) and POM (www.pom.sorg.ar) or personally at the Unión de los Polacos de la República Argentina, J. L. Borges 2076, first floor (1425) Buenos Aires.

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