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Małgorzata ZglińskaMałgorzata Zglińska was born in the previous century, in the bygone era of the Polish Peoples’ Republic, into a family with a deep historic consciousness. Her grandmother was a teacher, who during WWII ran secret classes (as education above primary school level was forbidden and punishable with death), her grandfather , a pre-war major in Piotrkow Trybunalski, became a resistance fighter in the Home Army (AK). After the war he spent 7 years on the death row and only Stalin’s departure from this world saved his life.

Her parents were physicians, but she chose a different profession. Malgorzata graduated in British and American studies from the University of Silesia in Sosnowiec. While a student she got drawn to Solidarity activities and spent the beginning of her fresher year on sit-in strikes until the martial law was imposed.

Since 1989 she has been living in the UK, where she came for personal reasons, but her ties with Poland are stronger than ever. Her soul resides permanently in Poland, while her body travels there at least 3 times a year. She works in a software house, but her greatest passion is the history of Polish Jews. She “gulps” literature on this subject, gets involved in any Jewish events taking place in Poland as well as in London (like the annual Polin Conference in the Polish Cultural Institute). Malgorzata has many friends among Jews all over the world and among Poles who share her love for Jewish culture.

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