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Life as Hope

By Halina Birenbaum
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How long wandering in the desert?

By Dr. Edward Kossoy (*)
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The Gęsiówka Story:

A Little Known Page of Jewish Fighting History

By Dr. Edward Kossoy (*) (a reprint from Yad Vashem Studies, vol.32/2004)
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Szmula “Artura” Zygielbojma

By Małgorzata Zglińska
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History of Bialystok Jews

By Tomasz Wisniewski*

Tomasz Wisniewski, is a non-Jew, Polish journalist and historian living in Bialystok. He became an expert on the Jewish landmarks of Bialystok during his imprisonment in Poland, where he was jailed for dissident activities during the Communist regime in the 1980's.
The city of Bialystok was before the WW II the heart of the European Jewry, with approximately 50.000 Jews living there. Today only a dozen Jews live in Bialystok.
Wisniewski has dedicated years to the investigation of the Jewish Bialystok community; he collected and catalogued a large amount of historical documents, compiled information taken from cemeteries, old synagogues and ritual bathhouses.
Here you can find some links to his articles and investigations regarding this subject:

Jewish Bialystok

Memorial to the Jews of Bialystok March 2003

How would Bialystok look had there not been the Holocaust? (Translated by Ewa Zak with the help of Michael Traison) http://www.zchor.org/bialystok/commentary.htm

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