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Letter sent by the President of the The Polish-Jewish Heritage Foundation

Dear Friends the Polish Heroes Remembrance Centre.

Thank you for your kind letter.   I wish you the best of luck in the difficult task of Polish-Jewish dialogue and in presenting the unbiased common history of Poles and Jews.  While unveiling our glorious times we also try to be truthful when talking of the darker moments in Polish-Jewish relationship.  Through our lectures we promote scholarly knowledge and discuss openly all aspects in our common history, including the painful ones.  We are trying to build bridges on the solid foundations of truth.  It is not an easy task and it is a long process but we are committed to continue our effort.
As for our current programs, please visit our website at: www.pjhftoronto.ca

Cordially – serdecznie pozdrawiam,

Peter Jassem, President
The Polish-Jewish Heritage Foundation

Copy of the letter sent by the Presidency of the Republic of Poland - Dyrektor Gabinetu Szefa Kancelarii Prezydenta Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej - to the Polish Heroes Remembrance Center on July 2004.


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Copy of the letter sent to the Polish Heroes Remembrance Center by the Mayor of the City of Krakow, Hon. Jacek Majchrowski
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Copy of the letter sent by Dr. Michael Cohen, retired Patent Attorney, citizen and resident of Israel, on January 21st. 2004 to His Excellency Mr. Jan Piekarski, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Tel Aviv, Israel.
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