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Mariscal Jozef Pilsudski (1867 - 1935)

Joseph PidulskiJoseph Pilsudski was born in Zulow (now Lithuania ) in 1867, into an aristocratic Polish family. He studied in the University of Cracow and joined a clandestine, anti-tsarist organization called “The Peoples Will”. In 1887 he was arrested by the Tsarist authorities and sentenced to exile in Siberia for a period of 5 years. After his release he joined the socialist movement and in 1892 he founded the Polish Socialist Party and the newspaper Robotnik, (The Worker) which was used by Pilsudski to spread and promote his leftist socialist ideas and the Polish nacionalism.In 1896 Pilsudski traveled to London where he met Ignacy Moscicki, who was exiled in Great Britain for conspirancy against the Tzar. Both established a long lasting friendship and shared the same political ideas.

In 1900 Pilsudski’s newspaper was closed and Pilsudski was again arrested. He managed to escape from prison and formed the Militar Unit of the Polish Socialist Party, dedicated to obtain funds for the cause. Later on, with these funds, Pilsudski could create the Revolutionary Army.
Pilsudski considered that the great enemy of Poland was the Russian Empire and he fought for Poland Independency from the Russians. In 1914 Pilsudski and his men joint the Austrians to fight against the Russian Army, but soon after the Russian Revolution Pilsudski’s deeds were questioned and was again imprisoned for the period of one year.

After his release in 1918 he became the Provisional Head of State and leader of the Polish troops.
During the the Treaty of Versailles Pilsudski represented Poland and in 1919 Poland fought against the Red Army. Pilsudski was Poland 's greatest military leader of the twentieth century and the only military leader in history to defeat the Red Army of the USSR and later, as a consequence of the Soviet-Polish Treaty of Riga in 1921, Poland took the control of many areas of Lithuania , Bielorussia and Ukraine . Pilsudski was the head of the Army until 1923.

He was proposed by the Asembly to fill the post of President of the Government. He rejected the offer, but instead he proposed for the post his friend Ignacy Moscicki, who at that moment was a very well known Professor in Chemistry, acknowledged worldwide. While his friend Moscicki was the President of Poland, and during the following nine years Pilsudski lead the destiny of Poland .

The Polish Heroe, Mariscal Josef Pilsudski, died in 1935 and he is buried with the Kings of Poland under the Wawel Castle

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