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History of the Jewish - Polish Relations
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History of the Polish-Jewish relationship


During more than 700 years, Jews and Poles demonstrated tolerant attitudes towards one another; they maintained their religious and cultural differences in an environment of respect and harmony. Proof of this are the innumerable cases of reciprocal collaboration throughout history.

As a consequence of the persecutions suffered by the Jews in some parts of Europe during the 14th century, a large immigration wave took place towards Poland. They settled in small Polish towns, usually known as “Shtetls”.

In the 20th century, after the Holocaust, the establishment of the Communist regime and the antisemitic campaigns unleashed by the communists in 1956 and 1968, the Polish-Jewish relationship was seriously affected, leaving, in some sectors of the Polish and Jewish populations, very negative stereotypes about one another.

In this chapter of our website, we will try to review in detail the history of the Polish-Jewish relationship before the Second World War up to the present

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