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busquedaSection opened to the public to post announcements regarding the search of information about people of Polish origins and / or related investigations. Please send to us your request to: polishheroes@fibertel.com.ar Your message will be published in our website in Spanish, English and Polish. All responses will be sent to you by e-mail. (Translations from Spanish to English by P.H.R.C.)

From: Krzysztof Kedzierski

I am looking for Tadeusz (Tadeo) Kedzierski, who died in the Province of Mendoza, Argentina.
I am the son of Edward Kedzierski, brother of Tadeusz Kedzierski who emigrated to Mendoza and there he died.
He was born in Wysokie, near Krasnystaw in Lubelskie (Lublinia).
He fought in the aviation unities in England and in Italy in Montecassino. There he met Gina, a nurse, later his wife.
Probably, he was co-founder, director and professor at the Regional School of Civil Aviation in Mendoza "Federico Zaochi"
(methereology ?) He became Argentinian citizen. He left his family in Poland because of the war. Tadeusz never came back to his homeland.
It seems that he died with out having children. I look for your help in order to find his grave in the cemetery, pictures o anything that could help me.
Tadeusz Kedzierski, was the son of Józef and Marianna Prezyn. He probably died in 1958 - 1968.
I live in Cracow and his sisters in Wysokie.
Thanks a lot

Krzysztof Kedzierski (nephew)
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From: "Claudio Kalicinski"
Hello, I am Claudio Kalicinski grandson of a polish army officer Mieczyslaw Kalicinski born at Lazy near Krakow. I do not know if you speak Spanish I will write in English just in case but I prefer Spanish (sadly, I do not speak polish). My father saw your thread at the polish-heroes remembrance center and I decided to ask about your uncle to my father-in-law, who is an Argentinean air force officer in charge of the control tower of the Mendoza airport, because he told me stories about the Federico Zaochi civil aviation school. He asked to former employees of the Airport, many of them ex-students of the school and some professors, about your uncle and this is the information that he and I collected:
1- The Federico Zaochi civil aviation school was an institute created to form not only meteorologists, but also air controllers, radar operators, etc. Ex-members of the school confirmed that your uncle was co-founder, director and professor there. The school still exists today but just as an ordinary high (technical) school not related with aviation.
2- He joined the Argentinean air force as a civil personnel an occupying the position of chief of weather forecast at Mendoza airport for several years until his dead.
3- They don't remember exactly the date of his dead but they think it was around 1965-1967. I think it will difficult to find his grave because our law states that a person can only remain on the "ground" for 10 years. After that, the mortal remains go to the crematorium and then to a funerary urn or to a special depot for bones (osario).
4- I confirmed that they do not had kids, his wife Gina is probably dead also. An old friend of Tadeo, an Air Force Brigadier (General), lost contact with her around the year 2001. He is too old to remember more but he told me that Gina has a brother: Dario ?Fichiara? Who still is alive and has a repair shop in a near city (Godoy Cruz) I will try to find him.
5- He lived in a house not far from mine but the house does not exist anymore because the government, for the construction of a highway, expropriated it.
6- In the later years of his life he become the "weather man" of the local TV channel but he had some problems with the Spanish so he preferred to stay behind the cameras and elaborate the weather forecast that was read by a local meteorologist.

The Tadeo professional skills (everybody called him this way because they can't pronounce his surname) were kept in great respect between his colleagues but they remember even more his kindness.  When I asked about him, the most common answer was: Oh yes, he was good guy!  It seems that he was a great meteorologist but he was an even better person. I hope this information is useful for you.
Best regards,

Claudio F. Kalicinski

From: Agata Obarewicz

Greetings ! I foud this announcement, is the same family last name we have in papers.
Do you know the Trefler´s ? Do you know something about them before the war ?
I didn´t know I have Jewish roots.
Best Regards

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From: Claudia Elidia Okzstulski-de Benega

I have de pleasure to write you in order to ask your help to contact me with family members from my mother´s side.
Since I consider my mother a heroe, (she left Poland to survive, and is admirable how she fought to form a family), she died with a hope: to know what happened to her family in Warsaw.
Best regards

Claudia Elidia Okzstulski-de Benega daughter of Ana Okzstulski
General San Martín City, province of Chaco, Argentina
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From: Ana Kucher

I am looking information about my grandfather Leib Broide from town Bereza Kartuzca.

Ana Kucher
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From: Ester Kandia

My name is Emilia Ester Kandia, I was born in Cordoba, nowadays I live in Salta, Argentina. I am the daugther of Vladimiro Kandia (RIP) born in 1903 in Bzyszki , Poland (as far as I now the Russian side). I don´t have more details, because when he passed away I was 15 years old. He arrived to Argentina aprox. in 1940. My grandparents were Gregorio y Anastacia Kolohon. I think I carry the name of one aunt:Emilia, and also that I have a sister.
I would like to have some information about them because I don´t have here any relatives from my father´s side. In the same years two brothers of my father, Onofre and Lucas, arrived.
From Luca´s side I have a cousin called Walter Lucas and his son, Walter Luis Lucas Kandia.
I found out at  www.cicop.com/congreso.htm that he gave a conference in Barcelona 31 years ago. I will be grateful of any information you could give me.

Ester Kandia
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From: Claudia Podeley

My name is Claudia Podeley. I am the grandaughter of Salvador Podeleiski. My grandfather left Poland at the age of 15 At the beginning of the war. He went to America and then to Brazil (I heard that there he formed a family). Later he emigrated to Argentina, where they changed their lastname for Podeley, where he lived until the end of his days. If someone could give me same address to do my research I will be grateful.

Claudia Podeley
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From: Mirta Cristina Dechnik

My name is Mirta Cristina Dechnik, I am descendant of Andres Dechnik y Katalina Kuz, my father Mikolay Dechnik was born in Lublin, Poland. I live in Argentina, I don´t speak Polish. I wish you could help me, I know that my uncles would have been living in USA.

Mirta Cristina Dechnik, Bragado , Buenos Aires
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From: Sandra Puzak

My name is Sandra Puzak, I am looking for my uncle and aunts. My father, Miguel Puzak, was born on March 3, 1919 in Jazien Ustrzyki-Dolne, Poland. At the beginning of the 2nd.WW he lost avery contact with them. My uncle was called Basilio and my aunts Katy and Cristina. My grandparents were called Juan Puzak y Helena Krol. I live in Argentina. If you have any information about them or any of their relatives.

Sandra Puzak
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From: Claudio Przemyslanski

My name is Claudio Przemyslanski, I am the son of Osvaldo Przemylanski and grandson of Jan Przemyslanski. I live in Casilda, Santa Fe, I am 45 years old. My grandfather arrived to Argentina in November 1927 (I believe so), between November 25th and 28th. According to his passport, which I keep, his date of birth was November 11, 1907. That´s all I know from his past, since he passed away very young, as well as my father.  I will be glad if someone could help me to find any of my relatives.

Claudio Przemyslanski
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From: Ricardo Kaczmarczyk

We are looking for relatives of Ewal Teodor Kaczmarczyk (1921- 2006). He was born in Tarnowskie Gory in 1921. Her sister Hildergad lived in Ulica 9/6 Tarnowskie Gory wl 1000 until 1978. Her father was called Rysroud and her mother Marta Jayusch.

Ricardo Kaczmarczyk
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From: Jorge Bilski

I am looking for relatives of Marian Bilski Klepke. The spelling could be also Bilski Klepken. Marian Bilski was born in Lublin ( Poland ) in September 21, 1926 , his mother was Maria Klepke and her father was Estanislao Bilski. Marian Bilski fought during WW II in the II Polish Army XII Regiment. At the end of the war he went to England and stayed for 2 years (1946 and 1947) in the Center of Studies of the 2nd. Army Millom, (in Cumberland ). After that the emigrated to Argentina , date of entry according to his document: November 22, 1947 . Since 1947 he belonged to the Association of Former Polish Combatants of Argentina. He worked in textile firms, later on he formed a family and resided a few years in Chile working in the textile business. For his participation in the war he was awarded  four times. He passed away in Chile , Viña del Mar in 1968. His children are Julio and Jorge Bilski, both born in Argentina and today Polish citizens. We would like to get in touch with any of his relatives. As far as we know he had brothers and sisters, we have some fotographs, included some of the cousins. For years our father had contact with his mother (from 1954 to 1965). When Marian Bilski passed away we lost every contact and there is no records or addresses. We know that there is a brother who after the war could have gone to USA , we don´t know his address, but could have been Fourderly or similar. We´ll appreciate any information.

Jorge Bilski, Argentina
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Answer for Mr. Bilski
De: Justino Paulo Biliski (Brasil) Moro em blumenau, meu avô nasceu na Polonia.. Ladislau Bilski e seu irmão Estanislau Bilski.

From: Graciela Ines Rodríguez

My grandfather was a soldier and prisioner of war in 1914 in Ucrania. There he met my grandmother and got married. Between 1925 and 1929 he came to Argentina . He passed away in 1964. I would like to get in contact with any relatives of Konstantin Bojko who may live in Krakow . He also had some relatives in Boston , USA .

Graciela Ines Rodriguez
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From: Janice Chmurzynski

My name is Janice Chmurzynski. My father's name was Emil and I know he had a brother who moved to Argentina .  I am from Canada .  Can you help?
Thank you, Janice.
I was given a card that my father had when he belonged to the Canadian Legion Polish Combatants Association in Winnipeg , Manitoba , Canada .(71806) from the year 1948. My father was born on March 21, 1920 . That's all I have for no; Thank You.

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From: Silvia Gedisman

My name is Silvia Gedisman, I am de daughter of Eduardo Samuel Gedisman and grandaughter of Henry Gedisman, who was the son of Clara and Salomon. I don´t know the lastname of my grandgrandparents, becuses when they arrived to Argentina their lastname was changed. I have lost any contact with my family and I would like to know about them. Best regards.

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