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busquedaSection opened to the public to post announcements regarding the search of information about people of Polish origins and / or related investigations. Please send to us your request to: polishheroes@fibertel.com.ar Your message will be published in our website in Spanish, English and Polish. All responses will be sent to you by e-mail. (Translations from Spanish to English by P.H.R.C.)

From Helena Kind

My name is Helena, and write from Argentina.. I'm trying to find information about relatives of my father who was Polish. He was born in Tarnopol, at that time a city in Poland and now in Ukraine. His name was Micolaj Kedzierski, he was born 02/22/1900.His parents'names were Helena Husak,and Helena Kindand his grandparents'names were Micolaj Kedzierski and Annec Ptasznyk and Alexis Husak and Inbiannac Hovonvana. He had brothers and sisters. He arrived at Argentina in 1926 and kept in touch with his family in Poland by correspondence until 1939-1940. My father, who died when I was a child, told me that his uncle emigrated to Canada, maybe Ontario, many years ago. In addition I have got old letters in which it is mentioned that other members of my  father's family emigrated from Poland to Canada. So, I decided to search for information in the Web. Your reply, be it affirmative or negative, will be very appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

Helena Kind
Reply to: polishheroes@fibertel.com.ar

From: Jolanta Jaworska / Widla

Dear Elizabeth.
My name is Jolanta. I'm from Warsaw, Poland. My maiden name is Widla. My father's last name was Widla, first name Walenty. He was born in Zabierzow, small village close to Krakow / Poland. He was born in february 1900. His parents names: Andrzej and Katarzyna. Also, he had brother: Jan and sister: Maria. All of them, Maria, Jan and my father died many, many years ago. So I can't ask them about my their roots but I suppose that we / I mean you and me / can be the family. I know that still in Krakow and around the Krakow lives many Widla's family. May be do you have more information about your grandparents and grandgrandparents. It can help in yours searchings.
I will be waiting for your answer.

Truly yours
Jolanta Jaworska / Widla
Reply to: polishheroes@fibertel.com.ar
From: Roberta Gross
I live in Gory Tarnowskie and I could help to localize the family of Ewald Teodor Kaczmarczyk.I have been in Argentina twice, and I will be back in September. I would like to receive information, I think I will find something. Best Regards.

Roberta Gross
Reply to: polishheroes@fibertel.com.ar

From: Maria Alejandra Wlochal
My ñame es Maria Alejandra Wlochal
My father was Estanilao Wlochal, who came alter de 2nd, World War.
My grandmother was María Sandowicz.
My grandfather Michel Sandowicz
My father was born in Poznan, I know that I have family in that city, but I don´t know how to contact them. Thank you very much

Maria Alejandra Wlochal
Reply to: polishheroes@fibertel.com.ar

From: Roberto Korzin
My name is Roberto Natalio Korzin, son of Esther Sarachek and from Manuel Korzin, which lived and married in Mlawa; Poland, to emigrate later to Argentina.
I would like to get in contact with people who could have known them and/or lived in the same city: Mlawa, until 1940.
Best Regards.

Roberto Korzin
Reply to: polishheroes@fibertel.com.ar

From: Andres Bodzioch
I would like to find relatives of my Polish grandparent Zenon Bodzioch, who came to Argentina in 1948 escaping from the war.
I could find relatives of my grandmother Juana Nejman, whose family was separated when she was a child.

Andres Bodzioch
Reply to: polishheroes@fibertel.com.ar
From: Pablo Rakowski

My name is Pablo Rakowski and I would like to know if you have any information regarding my grandfather. Tadeo Rakowski. He fought during the II WW and later he came to Argentina, I will appreciate any information.

Pablo Rakowski
Reply to: polishheroes@fibertel.com.ar

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